some of the work I have done

In aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2021

Know Yourself – Coppafeel!

I feel so honoured to be a part of the Know Yourself campaign for @coppafeelpeople in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month this year.

Breast cancer can affect any body, at any age and of any gender but a quarter of young people aren’t aware they could be at risk.

@coppafeelpeople are encouraging us to get to know ourselves and our bodies, to discover our chests and get to know what’s normal for us.

They’ve done a beautiful job at being gender inclusive & have provided tips for those with dysphoria, making the whole experience of checking your chest accessible & comfortable.

Thank you, @coppafeelpeople for including me and my voice in your campaign.

This representation is invaluable.

To watch the full film / learn more head over to @coppafeelpeople

📷 : Kristina Varaksina + studio assistant – @claudiapadrosa
make-up: & a big thanks to Fujifilm UK for hosting us the Fujifilm House of Photography.

Both& Apparel

Trans GNC+ inclusive clothing brand

Both& – clothing tailored for and by the community

I’ve always stuggled to find clothes that fit me, as a trans masculine gender queer person. Shopping isn’t easy, as my frame doesn’t match a cis-man’s and so it’s often super challenging finding clothes that work for me. My shoulders aren’t natually as broad, my waist is more defined and my torso slightly shorter. Both& have tackled all of these things in their first line of t-shirts. I’ve not felt as good in clothes, as I did putting my – perfectly tailored to fit a trans body – t-shirt on. These are a few shots we took before the t-shirt had been fully designed, where we chatted through the difficulties in shopping for clothes transmasculine people face.